Refurbishment photo updates

Scroll through the photo galleries to see what’s been going on at Leeds Town Hall since it closed to the public in November 2021. 

Organ - Nicholson & Co Ltd Pipe Organ Builders (2021 - present)

These photos include the organ pipes being taken out of Leeds Town Hall, the empty organ chamber, and lots of work taking place at Nicholson & Co’s workshop in Malvern, Worcestershire.

Please visit Nicholson & Co Pipe Organ Builder’s website for lots more photos of the project.

Organ - Decorative Scheme (July 2023 - present)

These photos show artists Robert Woodland and Debra Miller working on the façade pipes of the organ. Some of the stencils that have been discovered date back to 1858 when Leeds Town Hall was first opened. 

New Windows (Autumn 2022)

These photos show the new windows fitted to Leeds Town Hall. Now, the exterior colour is very dark green and the interior colour is white. The first photo shows what the windows looked like previously. For more information on the new windows please visit Page\Park’s website.