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Adopt an Organ Pipe

You can now adopt any of the 6000+ pipes that will make up the newly refurbished Leeds Town Hall organ, a third of which will be brand new. Your support will help us to cover the costs of this major £1.8 million project. We’ve created a range of adoption prices to suit any budget:

  • £5 for each pipe up to 2ft long
  • £7 for each 2ft to 4ft pipe
  • £10 for each 4ft to 8ft pipe
  • £20 for each 8ft to 16ft pipe

Adopt a pipe as a gift

If you’d like to adopt an organ pipe as a gift you can do this by clicking the ‘adopt a pipe’ button below. Everyone who adopts a pipe will receive an email following their purchase that includes steps to follow to let us know the name to go on the certificate, website, and in the supporters book.

Please contact us if you require further information.

What you'll receive in return

  • A special A5-sized certificate featuring the Victorian stencil design drawn and signed by Robert Woodland and Debra Miller, the decorative artists who are repainting the organ façade pipes. 
  • The adopter’s name will be added to our supporters book which will be permanently housed inside the organ (or another name if in memoriam). 
  • The adopter’s name will appear on the current supporters page of our website (or another name if in memoriam).

Adopt a Façade pipe

Major work to restore the decorative façade pipes of Leeds Town Hall’s organ is well underway and many of these magnificent pipes are complete and ready to be adopted. These beautifully restored pipes have been lovingly brought back to their original splendour by decorative artists Robert Woodland and Debra Miller, enhancing the meticulous overall renewal project being undertaken by fellow craftsmen at Nicholson & Co. Ltd Pipe Organ Builders.

The façade pipes are both visually stunning and impressive in size, ranging from 16ft to 32ft, making an ideal Christmas gift of note, a wedding or anniversary present, or to remember a loved one in a lasting and unique way.

Prices for facade pipes are £500, £750 & £1,000. To enquire about a facade pipe please click the contact us button below.

“Since work commenced, we’ve discovered and revealed some incredible and very intricate Victorian stencil designs, that have been hidden from view for decades. Our photo gallery which includes before and after images really highlight the painstaking and time-consuming work that has taken place so far. 

As well as restoring these astonishing original features we’re also working to fix the relief features on the pipes that have broken or fallen apart since they were installed in the 1850s. The organ wheel, statues and other façade features will also be restored to their former glory.

Once complete the façade of the organ will be truly transformed and audiences will once again be able to appreciate the organ as it was meant to be seen.” Robert Woodland, The Upright Guilders

Adopt a Stop

Adopt any of the 103 individual stops on the organ, each one consists of 61 pipes of various sizes. For more information about the stops please visit the stop information page on our website.

The price to adopt a stop is £600. To enquire about a stop please click the contact us button below.

You may wish to explore some of the unique adoption opportunities available through the extensive restoration and decorative scheme. Restoration of the façade of the instrument will include pipes which have been hidden below layers of dirt, dust to reveal an elaborate and beautiful Victoria stencil design for all to see once again. Contact us by email or by phone to discuss these unique opportunities.

  • £500/£750/£1,000 for organ façade pipes which will be restored to their earliest artistic intention
  • £600 – for any of the 103 individual stops on the organ, each one consists of 61 pipes of various sizes
  • ADOPTED £1,000 for the new Tuba stop – the most powerful stop ever installed on the organ
  • ADOPTED £1,000 for the Chimes stop – missing from the organ for well over 50 years
  • ADOPTED £2,500 for the new full length 32’ Reed stop – introduced as a new stop for the first time in the organ’s history